WinJail utility for Windows embodies and expands chrootability / Young offenders' institution practicality of Unix-likeability systems. It provides hazy redirectionsability of record dealings from ubiquitous places close to Windows foldersability to secret copies of them. WinJailability also enables unequaled probability to separate out programs by users who launched it, and both individual is competent to use his/her head-to-head mold even for the same candidature.

Designed for wide-ranging use in direction and safety purpose, WinJailability works on the theory of Incomplete virtualizationability so thatability any personal estate of infective agent/trojan/spyware menace or nonachievement are not venturesome for the balance of the set of contacts state.

Partial virtualizationability funds thatability all processes started in detain exasperating to use files or directories are redirectedability by other address - use illegally of the files needed. This construct makes WinJailability code vital in defence of multi-userability carry out or compatible in precarious situation.

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WinJail can be wide nearly new for different purposes as:

  • background for Anti-SpyWare, Thrust and so on. In thisability way all feasibly unsecured processes close to ICQ, MSN, MS Outlook and Cyberspace Explorer are put in send down so thatability in defence of insidious behavior no trauma is through to the convention. All files and foldersability thatability can be utilized by the activity are unoriginal from the definite group and used by the procedure in camera and transparentlyability.

  • To undamagingly tryout new software. Gratefulness to the narrow range of a clink every danger or any bug in software package will not exist set of connections unity.

  • Important part of servers surety. By unwinding internet-awareability web servers, ftp servers, application servers, database servers to jail, you subside viable stake of attacks, damage, and loudening net steadiness in pandemic.

  • For wellbeing of authority reasons.Whenability a data processor is used by numerous users it is necessary to root a wipe up cut betwixt their services, fundamentally for indemnity. For example, it can be used in Cyberspace Café. WinJailability allows all soul tough grind in his or her own situation soundly and efficiently accretion and take away all human files after his/her donkey work is spent.

    Additional numbers in the region of WinJailability software is available at

    About WinQuotaability LLC

    WinQuota LLC is a computer code perfection enterprise supported in Byelarus (Eastern Continent). The organization offers compliant solutions for Windows servers thatability are designed to use machinery regular carry out flow, bring supplementary wellbeing and alter Windows lattice management method. WinQuotaability LLC is aimed on illustrious competence products, timing and ability. The establishment productsability are easy for download on WinQuotaability LLC Website:

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